Realize how blessed you are.

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❤ waking up to this ❤ wifey & others you have no idea how happy you make me with your voice messages
❤ P, F, D, A, R,  B. As in my closest friends here so far. Such funny, intelligent and unique personalities. Can’t wait to make more.
❤ Boxing classes with PJ
❤ Saturday nights of crazy dancing that turned into Sunday brunch clubs in the most inspiring company
❤ Working and learning new every time on the most gorgeous wine estate
❤ Cuddling and goofing around with someone special
❤ Pilates classes and noticing improvement in body awareness and small muscles
❤ Easiness to catch up with my loved ones in Australia, NYC, Montreal, Finland, Germany, Spain, UK… I find it amazing how  you can get hold of someone you think of in minutes
❤ Dinners … so many new stories to hear, so many new places to try
❤ Feeling the support of family
❤ Being part of a supporting, intelligent
❤ Cappucino moments
❤ Afternoon hikes after a long drive to uni and reconnecting with the earth
❤ All the fresh and healthy food available. Fresh and oh-so affordable juices, raw chocolate, avocados, endless lunch options..
❤ Local friends who make sure I’m integrated to the local culture
Remind yourself of your blessings, every day.

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