I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my bucket list

It’s time for a road trip.

If I thought that I was stepping out of my comfort by moving to Africa, I take it back. Or the stepping out of comfort zone simply got a new meaning ;). I’ve once in my life felt being as remoted as now, it was on Mabul island in Borneo, Malaysia. So far away from home you don’t even want to think about it! After Cederberg weekend, I only had few days to finalise two uni courses, say temporary goodbye to my closed ones in Stellies and preparing for the unknown… On Friday, we wrote a test and then hit the road with Maria and Arian, myfriends from MBA. We will drive all the way across the country to the Northern border of South Africa and Mozambique.

I knew that I’d realise quickly after entering the region of Eastern Cape that I have not experienced the real Africa so far. Stellenbosch and Cape Town are the most amazing places to live in, but I want to see other parts of the country as well. We first we passed gorgeous rocks along the driveway, followed by a desert. We stopped for the best apple pie in the country (we agree with trip advisor) in a town that literally was in the middle of the desert. Since then nature got greener and roads are luckily mostly good. Once entering Eastern Cape, you can see all sorts of animals crossing the road at any moment, cows, sheep, pigs, dogs…. I’ve also been surprised to learn how much unpopulated area the country has got.

Our first stop was Jeffrey’s Bay, surfers’ mecca. If you ever go, stay at Island Vibe backpackers. No explanation needed, it is simply the place to be. 🙂 About surfing… My fear of sharks has had to give in as I’m falling for surfing more and more.  I cannot think of a more exciting activity than combining the ocean, fresh air, and the need to give your full attention, body and mind in order to ride the waves. I’ve still got much to learn but I enjoy the journey…

I would not change where I am now for anything, yet I already miss my people in Stellies. Not to mention back home, but luckily I will receiving first visitors very soon. Hope everyone are doing well and cannot wait to be reunited whenever the time comes. Photos will appear later as the African signal won’t allow me to add any now 😉

Next up checking of something from my bucket list: witnessing wild African creatures in their home.

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