Wanderlust: a strong desire to wander or travel and explore the world

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From Addo we drove to Grahamstown for an overnight stop, a cute university town. (Though I must say I felt lucky again to study in the scenic and exciting Cape Town). Our next destination was Coffee Bay, a rural village, where I, for the first time, felt like being in Africa. All sorts of animals are running wild on the streets and people are carrying heavy amounts of water above their heads. In Coffee Bay we surfed, horse rid around the village, and hiked along the coast line. The sceneries were unbelievable beautiful and I truly felt like being on the edge of the world. Arian spent his time kite surfing – I decided I need to learn this sport which looks like the most exciting one. If you ever go to Coffee Bay, be sure to stay at Coffee Shack. We made some new friends here, partied a bit and joined their day trips to the beach and hiking.

Next day driving again to Port Shepster. Lovely dinner at Jaxx (great food and service), and sleeping. Morning drive to Durban to check out the third largest city. From there to the furthest part of our road trip. I drove for the first time besides my own car here, was hectic (the most used word of the locals ;). The last part really felt like being surrounded by Lion King sceneries. We arrived to Sutwana Bay through thick forest. It’s safe to say we are on a wild life area now. And it’s safe to say we successfully crossed the country. 🙂 Here for the next few days. Maria will do her driving license and I’ll dive. Arian will kite surf.

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