Motivate the mind; the body will follow

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Fourth day of living on juices and still alive 😉 Like every morning, this morning I felt energetic and kicked Monday off with hot yoga class after a long time. That’s more than I can say of yesterday, staying at bed until noon 😉 raining outside it was the best way to spend a Sunday morning.  I’ve used a cheating card every day though, having an extra smoothie or avocado, as my purpose is not to starve myself. And luckily the juices are sometimes more like smoothies, consisting of nuts and almond milk.

On the first day, I had a headache probably caused by not having coffee but since then I’ve felt fine. The worst times are when I smell Nico cooking his steak, or Pam and Arne eating a homemade apple crumble next to me. 😀 Also, I having to skip two divine dinners – Maxine’s home cooked and a steak dinner with my aunt and her husband. So the hunger is definitely more social and pain of missing out. It was also slightly demanding to watch my mom eating a carrot cake for breakfast. 😀

I’ve also felt tired only during the first night, crashed to bed at 9 and accidentally cancelled plans for rest of the night. :D. Day 2 was quite easy actually, despite the moment of apple crumble… 😀 I was sipping my apple-cinnamon juice which is actually super tasty but can’t say I didn’t crave for PJ’s treat.

Day 3 was easy as well, with the avocado cheating card. Though again can’t say I didn’t crave for Maxine’s cookings. Missing social situations, and simply for my love and appreciation towards food, are the main reasons why I can’t wait for Wednesday when I get to eat again. I’m lucky with the timing, and to have wonderful people around me, as Wednesday happens to be my birthday, and I have dates for this day.

Today, on the fourth morning, I feel like my energy levels are high, my mental clarity has improved, and the world feels like an amazing place (which is nothing new though;). I can recommend a juice detox to anyone who wishes to increase their energy levels and feel more clear minded. Right now, I am determined to work on my thesis, and later today start some projects for my sister’s new baby (= company). So proud of her, she is a co-founder of the most exciting new health food company and inventor of mind-blowing nettle pesto. Well, this deserves its own post later. Have a great day peeps xxx

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