Garden Route

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Since first time planning my time in South Africa, I knew I need to go the Garden Route. Thus I was happy that my visitors from Finland and Sweden wanted to do it as well. As an extra bonus, they had planned everything very well (I’m the last one to plan anything in advance). Also, I got to drive a 20 years more modern version of my Mercedes for couple of weeks 😉 I had told my parents that surely we can all five use my car to do the Garden Route. Well, they changed their mind when driving couple of days in Cape Town with my car with no air con and falling pieces inside the car.
Our first stop was Hermanus, where we stayed in a gorgeous guesthouse by the sea. We were really lucky with whale watching, getting a private show from the huge animals, surrounding our boat for over an hour. I knew they are huge yet I was surprised by their size.
Next stop was Plettenberg Bay. Here we had the most amazing seafood lunch ever, at the Fat Fish. Be sure to go there if you are ever around. We spent the last night in Knysna, in the most stunning villa on top a of a hill, called Head over Hills retreat. Let the photos speak for themselves… This is a place where I would happily spend my honeymoon…. Wink wink for whom it is more relevant. 😉

I am happy I’ve seen Garden Route now. Especially the whale watching was an memorable experience. However, I must say that I know how to appreciate the coziness, liveliness and beauty of Stellenbosch and Cape Town even more now, that I have seen a large part of the country. I could not be happier to be home now, riding my bike to the campus and cafes. Go to gym and yoga, share meals with friends (starting tomorrow!)… Normal life feels good after all the traveling. xxx

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