“It’s perfectly okay to not have your shit together at 25.”

IMG_0107sonjapjbirthday birthday1 birthday2 maxnikipj pjniki  IMG_0109 IMG_0116

My people here in South Africa made sure that I’ll carry the memories of my 25th birthday forever with me 🙂 Such loving and warm day with my favourite people. Pam woke me up with a big hug and bringing a cupcake to bed… This reminded me of my second day in South Africa, when I had just met my flatmates and we bought 20 different cupcakes for the birthday girl Pam, who apparently liked cupcakes and sweet stuff. Well, I now know that it is one of the deepest truths ever… any-dessert-with-Chocolate-will-do Pam. Next up was a breakfast date, Arne took me to be the most scenic wine estate restaurant, Cafe Postcard. He said doing picking a spot for me was not the easiest task (wonder why;) but he definitely nailed it. The view was stunning, by a lake and surrounded by mountains 360 degrees. Later lunching with Pam and the guys at Botancial Garden. My talented friend Maxim Piessen ended up being my professional birthday photographer and most of these photos are taken by him. Thank you Max!

Later that evening I was lucky to get most of my new friends around one table, though few loyal students were missed! I had the best time and hopefully everyone else too 🙂 I even got a birthday song in three languages 🙂

Missed my people all over especially a lot on this day ❤ miss you so much!

PS thank you for the most stunning presents mr A and Mom & Dad. ❤ Can’t believe I’m carrying a watch again, no excuses anymore. I’ve learned it the hard way that Germans indeed are punctual. 😀 And love the stones mom picked for me… “Iolite is a vision stone. It clears thought forms, opening intuition. Helps you to express your true self, free from the expectations of others.” She also learned that the cross does not necessarily need to symbolize religion but rather spirituality. “Oh, well my daughter is certainly spiritual.” 😀 ❤


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