“When you’re values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier”

“Who you are, what you hold dear, what upsets you, and what underlies your decisions, are all connected to your personal values. Your values reflect what is important to you. They are a shorthand way of describing your motivations. Together with your beliefs, they are the causal factors that drive your decision-making.”

It took me few years to get myself on the right track with my studies. 😉 At the time, I did find management accounting, brand management, digital marketing and other subjects interesting, but it has only been recently when I understood where my true interest lies. I want to understand better how the human brain works, how our attitudes and beliefs affect on our behaviour and how we treat ourselves and others. And how this forms our reality, what kind of relationships we tie, what path we choose in life.

I’ve enjoyed learning about sources of motivation, conscious leadership and multiple intelligences while writing my thesis. This week I’m fortunate to learn about being a leader as a coach and emotional intelligence taught by world class professionals. I’ve never been as attentive at classes as this week. 😀

Do you know your life values? For me, it is important to get to constantly know myself better in order to make decisions, pick the right opportunities and know how to say no with a clear mindset. Also, knowing myself better, I have more to give for others. As I find identifying my life values just with mind work challenging (some more meditation needed), I’ve used help of a value assessment since I started learning about psychology. I’ve done it several times before and always chosen slightly different combination of values depending on where I am in my personal life at this time.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.20.28

“From the values you selected it is cleat that:

  • You are starting to really live your sense of purpose and are cooperating with others for mutual benefit and fulfilment.
  • You are a person for whom meaning is important. You have a strong set of moral standards which are important in how you treat others and how you wish to be treated.
  • You seek to uncover more of your authentic self by looking to develop and grow. You are starting to overcome your anxieties and fears.

Your values show:

  • Your ability to think imaginatively and come up with new ideas helps you to be flexible and respond well to change.
  • You look to constantly develop yourself and seek harmony in your life by pursuing a sense of balance in all that you do.
  • Demonstrating an upbeat, passionate approach supports your efforts to make positive change for others.
  • You are protective and considerate of others.
  • You like to ensure information is clearly understood and expressed.
  • Sharing the lessons of your experience to support and guide others is a focus for you.
  • You have the strength to face your fears and to speak up even when things may be difficult.

The type of values you selected indicates that your individual capabilities are most important to you. From your choice of values you also demonstrate care for the greater good (making a difference).  You also demonstrate care for the greater good (making a difference). ”

I find it amazing how just by picking ten words you get an accurate description of your mindset, which you could not put as words yourself. Though my analysis is very positive and I hope people around identify me from these statements to some extent, I know I don’t always behave like this. But reminding yourself or your values acts as a powerful motivator whenever I feel like I’m lost or confused – going back to the values remind me of how I want to be like, how to treat myself and others.

Take your Barrett Values Centre value assessment here


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