Love letter

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I’m feeling melancholic today. My soul sister and best friend is gone. I think it is natural that I need to grief for a short moment, as PJ was the central character in my life here in South Africa until now. 😀

To be honest though, I cannot feel sad as I am too excited for the adventures that awaits her. She will first race in lifesaving in Germany for the Australian national team, and then head to New York for couple of months to explore and support her sister. CJ (Pamela Jane and Catherine Jenna 😀 ) is building an amazing career as an artist there (check cj_hendry in instagram, such an inspiration).

Any worries I had because of arriving two weeks later than others proved to be unnecessary, thank you to this very special girl. PJ is one of the most energetic and social girls I’ve met. Within half an hour of meeting each other, we had decided to attend chocolate and beer festival, go horse riding, boxing class, quiz night, hiking, cooking class, weekends in Cape Town…. She introduced me to hidden gems that still remain my favourite places for brunch, dinner, coffee, cocktails. The list of activities has gone on since. I really feel like she was a big part of my identity here. And now I had to let her go. But it is time for new adventures for both of us, and perhaps also time for me to take responsibility of coordinating my social calendar myself (she loves to organise people together whereas I just love showing up 😉 ).

We are so different yet share many traits. I admire PJ’s social skills. Only she can keep track of the size of her network of friends, if even. Whoever has told me I am a social butterfly, I can tell you that this girl takes the title to a new level. 😉 Her time management is enviable as well, I’ve never seen anyone be able to do some many things in a one day. She will train twice a day, have breakfast with a friend, attend classes, take an acting, horse riding or boxing class, go to yoga, Skype with her family to Australia or New York and connect new people together over a dinner. She’s the best facilitator of any conversation. If there’s any chance of awkward silences, take PJ along and she will handle the situation 😉 Also, if it wasn’t for her, I would’ve not met mr A. They met randomly at the street as he offered help for her with a broken bike. 😀

PJ then says I have taught her the importance of having deeper relationships in your life. Indeed that’s what happens in the company of Florentine and me, you have to face questions about your dreams and fears in life. 😉

Feel so grateful to have met you. Missing you already my social butterfly. BUT I am comfortable knowing that you will spend new months in the best city in the world, with your sister. Also can’t wait to hear your adventures and meeting my NYC wifey soon there. Wish I was there!!!


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