“There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it on.”

Yesterday we were sitting on a rock below Lion’s Head, overlooking a view of Twelve Apostles on the left, Atlantic Ocean on the right and lights of Camps Bay and Clifton in front of us. This view is simply breathtaking and I will most likely spend sunset after another sitting here on a rock and staring the sun melting to the ocean.
We had agreed to meet up here with Arne and his sister for sunset (19.54) as they were coming straight from a surf. Well, we were both too late, they even more leaving me there alone on a cliff. But there was no way I could be mad for a surfer who wanted to catch one last good wave.
Sitting there on a huge rock, watching the waves hit the beach on the spot he had just surfed, we realised something. We are living our dream now. A always had the dream of surfing but he didn’t see how it could be combined with a career in law in Europe. Well, he figured out a way, even if only for a year for now. This day was special as we had just left Stellenbosch behind and settled down in Cape Town. Now he can go for a surf using same amount of time than gym would take. Though I’m not AS ambitious with surfing, this period is very special time of my life indeed. Every day I step out of the door, I can’t help but smiling when I realise where I am. Cape Town is breathtaking and it offers so much to explore. I am every day grateful of the freedom I have right now, and on the other hand that I have someone special to share my everyday life with. And though life feels especially amazing right now, I’m not worried of its impermanency. This period is very special time of my life, but I believe life will only get better. Its a matter of mindset.
I realised this yet again the next morning while doing a vinyasa class. Chelsey encouraged me to think what I value the most in life. It is people and experiences that make life worth living, not possessions. I believe not only for me but for everyone. For me this means gratitude towards the people I share my life here with, but also knowing that most of my loved ones and friends are in Europe. And though South Africa is stunning and inspiring, so is many other places in this world, including my home city. I recommend doing this yoga class in yogaglo.com (called What Do You Value Most?), you might just feel very inspired and grateful after.

Enjoy your Sunday night and Christmas time ❤ I am home alone since I don’t remember when. Though I love sharing home with someone, these rare moments are much needed for a person like me who easily gets overwhelmed and needs time to reflect 😉

P.S. I love searching quotes for my post titles from my pinterest archives – this time I didn’t have to search for long as I spotted something that I liked in the feed. I then noticed that it was tagged by Satu – we often share some sort of mind connection and similar mindset, though at times physically world apart. 🙂

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