“She’s a mess of a gorgeous chaos. And you can see it in her eyes.”

Referring to the title, I’m being subjective with the word gorgeous but it’s all about attitude right? 😉

I believe that dreams come true for those who believe and have the courage that is needed. How do dreams come true? Or better, how to live a life that already feels like a dream? I believe that there is nothing can’t have or be. I also believe that the only thing that is limiting us to live to our fullest potential is our own mind. Those people who possess vivid imagination and creativity, combined with courage and self-discipline to work for their dreams and express themselves, can live to their fullest potential.

I believe that new ideas, creativity and expanded imagination are born when you make a conscious effort to expand your horizon, your mind, question your beliefs, observe your thoughts and importantly, getting out of your comfort zone OFTEN. There are endless ways to do this, and it is up for everyone to find the best ones for themselves.

I love to write my vision down. Actually, I write down lists of just about everything: to do, current projects, future projects, skills to gain, languages to learn and how, how to use my time daily, things that I am grateful for, important people in my life, dreams, exercises, books to read, important learnings from whatever I’m reading. The list goes on and I come up with new ones daily.

I also eliminate. Going into flight mode every now and then to avoid notifications, avoid TV, most news. Anything that does not serve my vision or contribute to my or others’ well-being. Same goes to learning to say no. We have the right to say no without explaining ourselves. We don’t need to attend every event just because our friends are going.

Even if the vision is not perfectly clear, I find it important to keep exploring. Saying yes often enough to experience new things, try everything at least once, closing doors to things that does not serve our passions, opening new ones. These broaden our mindset and imagination and help us find our passions. Meaning comes from doing things we are passionate about. Going with the flow of life, keeping the sense of reality there, at least every now and then 😉 This is a valuable skill – to combine spontaneity, ambition and ability to make things happen.

How I see it, the most important assets we possess are our creativity and ambition. Thus, I cannot think of more important skills to develop for someone who is looking for a passionate, productive, meaningful life. I know I am.

For me, the best way to expand my horizon, foster creativity, challenge my existing mental models is by  getting out of my comfort zone, trying out anything once, saying yes to new adventures, spending time with myself, exploring my body mind connection, making deep connections with other people, travelling… It can be anything that inspires me, makes me feel good and learn new about the environment, myself or others. Never stop exploring and stay curious.

For me, exercising is essential – nothing makes me more inspired, free and happy than a great yoga class or an hour in the ocean reading the waves and catching them. This as well is something you never should stop exploring. During the past year, I’ve found a passion for hiking, surfing, pilates, barre, yoga over and over again, gym, swimming… And list of sports to do more when time is right is long as well.

Traveling and exposing myself to new places and new people have made me the person I am today. Though Hong Kong, for example, is not the place I see myself living for years, I am grateful of everything I learned about the culture, not to mention the people that delighted me with stories from their cultures.

Also, spending a lot of time with few special people and being in a relationship, even if for a limited time, enables forming a deeper connection, learning about each other. I love studying personality differences, in theory and then applied to practise. 😀

Music is a powerful source of inspiration. I am either touched by the lyrics or the beat of the song. Important is either to want to sing along or dance along. 😉 Writing, for me, is one of the best ways to reflect and express myself. I love sharing my experiences through my blog and social media in case someone can be inspired of my thoughts, tips or photos. I also journal every time I feel like I have  a lot of thoughts in my head. I write about my experiences, thoughts, sources of gratitude, current projects and about my important relationships, to be better aware of them and perhaps learn and grow.

Dreams and visions change and that’s perfectly fine. Nothing is permanent. If I would – I never will – take a tattoo, it would say “ This will also change”. Just as a reminder. This is both good and bad news. Enjoy what you have now because that will also change. Don’t worry about the unpleasant things, because that will also change.

Getting to know yourself is the single best way to eradicate any unconscious miseries. To be able to feel inner peace, inner harmony, love and compassion. First towards yourself, then spreading this around you. Whenever I meditate (too rarely), I end my meditation by sending the peace I am feeling at this moment for all beings in the world, and making a wish that every being will get out of their miseries, so that we cn enjoy mutual peace and harmony.

Besides experiences, I love to be inspired by other people, close or far away. Every day, I’m inspired by the people around me – be it falling asleep easily as this person does not overthink as much as I do, or having the self-discipline to do a good workout. But also from people far away – I smile everyday when I open Snapchat or blogs and see my friends wondering at the streets of some of my favourite cities, and some where I’ve never been. I can’t believe every day I can get a glimpse of what my friends are doing, though physically world apart. Playing with their dog at their cottage, or my friends spending a night together whom I miss deeply.  Snapchat is the best invention to follow friends world apart from you ❤ Though social medias like Instagram, snapchat, blogs and pinterest only show the best sides of one’s life, its fine as their task is to inspire.

Sources of inspirational people change over time. Every now and then I list down the people I admire the most for, and then think about the qualities that make them so inspirational. This way I can consider if I should develop these qualities further in myself, or make actions towards similar lifestyle or mindset. By doing this, I also realise how blessed and grateful I am of all these amazing people in my life. You know who you are ❤ My body inspiration often comes from VS models, getting a daily inspiration doze from instagram. Also thank you for pinterest for inspiring me in interior, wanderlust, style, beauty, exercising, visuality, photography, quotes (!) and beyond… For educational and entertaining articles I want to go back to, I drag them to Pocket, and read them later either from laptop or phone.

I only read few blogs nowadays as I only want to follow people that I can be inspired of in some way. Elisa’s blog is one of my favourite – she shares such a similar mindset and beliefs towards life that my jaw often opens when I read her texts. If so often feels like I have just come across the same topic in my mind, she just knows better than me on how to put these thoughts and mindset into words. I also notice that our thoughts go in similar cycles. When she wrote about starting painting hobby to express her creativity, I had just being inspired in the kitchen to explore my imagination. Just like she believes in taking time in the mornings, I also believe in starting my mornings with mediation, yoga, listening to my current favourite music, writing diary or my ideas down, before even turning off flight mode in my phone. At least on the idea level, I’m not this self-disciplined every morning. 😉 She’s truly an inspiration for me and lovely reminder that I’m not the only one in this world who dreams big and believes in trusting the flow of life, doing decisions with intuition and courage, accepting the uncertainty. I’ve known Elisa personally only for a short time but I based on these conversations I know that we could easily spend hours and hours talking about future and dreams.

Funnily, Elisa did exactly what I did three years ago – decided that it is time to move to New York. She faced the same questions and doubts from people asking about handling practical things, and worrying them herself as well, like I did too. Later, you smile thinking about all these worries – things turned out just like they were meant to. I have learned this over and over again, in New York, Hong Kong, Helsinki, South Africa – practical things will always turn out fine, when you are willing to do the effort and be proactive and be persistent. You only need few seconds of powerful courage and action, and the rest will take care of itself. Believe in yourself and have the courage to build your life exactly the way you want it to be.

I can’t believe how long post this ended up being. Now it is time for me to finally get orientated and realise that Christmas is just around the corner. I have another much missed visitor flying in tomorrow, a home to clean and decorate, groceries to do, hopefully some presents to hunt and find at town. Make the most out of Christmas time loves, spend it with your loved ones and relax. That’s the essence of Christmas – not making everything perfect.







Hong Kong


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