See what others don’t see.

Oh, how much I’ve missed the blog and writing here. The reason why I have not posted lately, is that this page is under construction and about to transform.

Often, when I get an idea, I act immediately without much consideration. This happened the other day. For years, I’ve settled for a layout designed and developed a la myself, with limited developing skills. I’ve dreamt about a blog that looks like me, more simple, more white, better structured, fresh categories. Few times I did try developing, but got frustrated and settled.

Europeans have been truly fortunate during the past months with rand-euro exchange rate. The other day, someone told me to check the exchange rate that had weakened yet again, becoming favourable for europeans. I got an idea – now or never, I would hire a developer, while here in South Africa. Well, after some research I ended up hiring a guy from India. He is great and we’ve been working the past weeks to redesign this site. As I am not happy at how it currently looks, I have withdrawn from posting. It’s not been easy at all.  For someone who feels the need to reflect life events, feelings and thoughts, not being able to post during the past eventful rich weeks has been draining. 😉  But I believe it is worth a wait. Meanwhile, I’ve been writing a book. Mostly for myself, but surely I dream that someone else will be inspired by it as well.

Cape Town is treating me well. Living in a fresh, new place is a tremendous gift. I meet inspiring people every day. People have such interesting jobs here. People are active, spiritual. There is so much going on here – people are not afraid to try out things, create. I love it.

P.S. Book tip: Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. For anyone who craves to live more creative life, a life driven more by curiosity than fear, do yourself a favour and read this book. Based on Eat Pray Love and the movie Coyote Ugly, I knew that Elizabeth Gilbert has similar mindset with me. Yet again in this book she manages to capture beautiful thoughts about creative, ideas and inspirations that I could have not said better myself, or even put into words. For me, she is a genius. In her words, a genius visits her every now and then 😉 Read it and you know what I mean.


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