Infinity pool


I’m fully aware that I repeat myself after every weekend spent here, but I simply can not help it.  Though Hong Kong has exceeded all my expectations already long ago, once again, I am speechless of its beauty. I honestly never thought I would find anything like this from Hong Kong. The citys ability to get you, at one moment, feel like the only people in the world in a middle of a rainforest, and at the next moment surrounded by so many people, in the vibrant city, with endless possibilities. Like my experience last weekend, this day made me deeply aware and grateful of the fact that I actually get to live in this city for which I am falling more and more as the times passes. I can not but feel deep gratitude to the factors that have enabled this experience. In my case, I need to thank my parents for paying the taxes and my company for flexibility. Above all, I am grateful for myself for being persistent and not settling for anything less. These are the experiences that make it worth to being a world apart from family and friends.

Sunday on a boat

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Though I am aware of repeating myself often, no photos or words, once again, can do justice to the past weekend. Having no good friends in the city led me to new adventures, deepening friendships and establishing new ones. Until last, I hesitated on whether to take part to this junk boat party as I only knew one person beforehand. I knew it was a going to be a group in which everyone else knew each other. I took the risk, which obviously turned out to be worth it, both girls and guys taking me immediately part of the group, sharing their stories from all over the globe – for the first time in a long time, I was the only Scandinavian. Another memorable day in the city that keeps surprising me over and over again.

Endless Summer

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Hong Kong has many breath taking beaches, but Sai Wan just seems too good to be true. We had heard a lot of the cliff jumping spot and did not want to miss the fork in the road which takes you to this heaven on earth. The place proved to be beyond beautiful with the waterfalls and nature pool, but cliff jumping was the cherry on top. The feeling of adrenaline after jumping and landing to the water is more refreshing than words can describe. If the working weeks occasionally feel long and stressful, this definitely cleared my mind of any negative thoughts. Day trips are never a bad idea.

Never knew Fall could be this good

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Time continues to fly by quicker than ever. Tuesday we had another National holiday, of which we naturally made the most out of, spending the day at the beach. Emily and I discovered another beautiful little beach village, Pui O in Lantau. Again I was amazed by how much these surroundings reminded me of the isolated areas in Thailand or Bali. Even the climate is a lot more humid than in the city. We spent the day visioning potential business ideas, which hopefully one day we turn to actual business. I have noticed how strongly changing the environment from familiar surroundings to new places is in correlation with the flow of ideas.

For a Finn, I can not but feel grateful for the current climate. Fall has arrived to Hong Kong which can now be clearly sensed. The humidity is gone and instead, the weather is mild yet warm.  Shortly, I can easily say I have never in my pass enjoyed any climate as much as I do now.

At last dinner back home my mom said: “Remember that moving to a new place is followed by three phases. First, you’re excited about everything. Then, you get home sick. After recovering from this, you start to enjoy it again”.  Although mom referred the time period to being many months, I somehow feel I already experienced all three phases. After the first week of excitement, I could not avoid but starting to compare Hong Kong to New York as well as Helsinki, and deeply missing them both. The feeling of being isolated from my close ones was also strong. Now, I cannot but wonder why I was feeling down. This city is amazing and it feels so strongly like home that it will be really hard to ever leave this place. I love to explore areas and find the ones for you. I think I’ve now found mine here. I now know that when I’m feeling anxious or stressed out, I head to the hippie yet peaceful streets of Sheung Wan. Hiking to the peak once in a week is already a routine I would not give up of. The list goes on. I think I’ll now head to pick up couple of Mana’s raw chocolate truffles…

Exploring Cheung Sha beaches

IMG_2345b IMG_2349b IMG_2351b IMG_2352bIMG_5353IMG_2359b IMG_2360b IMG_2363b


I was surprised to find that one of the longest beach of Hong Kong, located in Lantau, was that empty on a perfect Saturday. Apparently Cheung Sha is to some extent still, a well kept secret. This worked perfectly for my state to recharge after a week spent in the beating city.  I might be saying this every week, but besides Sai Wan, Cheung Sha became my absolute favorite escape spot. Again, I could not but feel amazed by how quickly you can get from the the hectic city to almost deserted and most beautiful little beach village. Lower Cheung Sha beach has a couple of cute restaurants, of which we picked High Tide, an authentic Thai restaurant that I had read praising reviews of. Unfortunately, my delicious chicken&vegetable curry did not leave room for ice cream, which itself is a reason to go back to this place. After a few relaxing hours under the trees (the sun was burning hot) and dipping into the sea, we walked through a small path that connects lower and upper beaches of Cheung Sha. The upper beach appeared to be for what seemed endlessly long. Few surfers in the sea and groups of friends on the sand created an atmosphere of such laid-backness, all this with the sun setting behind the hills. Hong Kong never seems to stop amazing me.

P.S. The last pic is from the bus on way back. The bus rides often offer the most beautiful views. It is a shame that these views are almost impossible to capture behind the glass. Here is a try, however.