Re-establishment of the feeling of groundedness

 The past year has been a happy one for me. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot without burning myself out. Pretty much the opposite – I’ve taken better care of my mental and physical health than ever. A lot has happened since I arrived back home from Hong Kong 14 months ago. I remember how rootless I felt, not having a home or a clue of my future plans in terms of studies and work.
What I did have, was a bunch of loved ones I had missed during the time away. I needed time surrounded by these people to feel grounded again. Then, one by one, things started to fall into place. I landed a job that excited me every day. I learned more than I ever would at classes. The best part though was that I could maximise my time with wifey as colleagues, before she would head to new adventures for the Fall.
Fall, then, was time of studying, working and working out. Day flowing by with routines – which usually makes me feel anxious, but what I had missed in Hong Kong. Also the feeling of accomplishing small but meaningful goals makes you feel good. Spring was time of true self discovery for me. I was lucky to travel three times to Barcelona with Satu, and besides truly falling for the city, I learned a lot about myself. For me, traveling really is the best way to get to know yourself. I also managed to shift my studies towards psychology, which I loved after 5 years of business studies. Also, for the first time in my life, I integrated working out into my daily life. And there’s no going back, being physically active simply is a major part of well being for me.
A lot has happened in a year’s time. I’ve built a life that is comfortable and filled with nurturing relationships which I love, but not that exciting. And excitement is what keeps me feel alive. Seeing new places, meeting new people, hearing new stories. Being inspired. It is time to go and do something new again.
My destination: Cape Town & Stellenbosch, South Africa. My final year as a student will take place in Stellenbosch university as a MBA exchange student. At the moment I’m sitting at Istanbul airport, waiting for my connecting flight to my destination. Feeling: excitement. My wish for being inspired started in the plane already as I sat next to a gentleman who has worked literally all over the world as a consultant and diplomat for the past 25 years. I decided that I want to have as many stories as he does at that age
I still remember this first meal with wifey at Sushibar + Wine
Summer Fridays spent at Lonna island
Catching up over high tea at The Cadogan with my Londoners Henni & Anne and Amanda’s surprise visit from Aberdeen
Weekends at Hanko
This cutie visited from down under ❤
Our beautiful office building
IMG_0891 IMG_1059
The perfect holiday at get together with my girls from London & Uppsala
Getting this girl back from Shanghai ❤
Elektro music brunch in Barcelona
Beautiful Helsinki Summer nights
High on hill sprints and Helsinki skyline
Nightless nights
My never-ending project
Witnessing the tying of the most inspiring love story
Next time from South Africa xxx

“Travel to not find yourself but to remember who you’ve been all along.”

After Satu’s exchange semester in Barcelona and naturally wifey’s visit to her new home, followed by our study trip to ESADE business school couple months ago, it is safe to say that we left a part of our hearts to this city. So this is where we wanted to go once our semester in Helsinki was over for a total mind emptying of the work of past months. Terhi spontaneously joined us which completed our crew. 😉 Every now and then I realised myself thinking that though I spend my time with these girls back home too, being on vacation and in a inspiring environment definitely brought fresh vibes, not saying that we’d usually be boring of course ;). We are now, not just a bunch but more like a thousand jokes and memories richer. Which we need next year while being apart for long times again!





Travel & Cake ❤



Gelato picking in El Born, next to the beautiful (Satu’s future wedding) church


Brunch Elecktronik – best day party on Summer Sundays

IMG_0015  IMG_0041         IMG_0025 IMG_0023     IMG_0047  IMG_0035IMG_0012

Bar hopping in El Born

IMG_0039 IMG_0034

Surf House – beach vibes with tasty and healthy menu


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Barcelona really is the perfect city for vacation. Our formula was simple: tapas in our favourites and new discoveries, with wine of course, laying hours on a most zen rooftop overlooking the roofs of the city, absorbing each sun ray and enjoying moments of just being, some partying, discovering the perfect gelato, wondering endlessly in El Born. I’d say that there’s something in the Barcelona air that makes you feel spontaneous, free and worry less. The feeling of not having a constant to-do list running in your head felt luxurious and is something I will aim every now and then. You need occasional mind emptying to make room for fresh ideas, absorbing what you’ve learned lately, and visualising more clearly what you want to keep in your life and what goals to set for the future.

Our favourites in nutshell:

La Pepita for dinner

Travel & Cake for brunch

Disset Graus for dinner

El Born for exploring any time of the day

Milk for brunch

Surf House for lunch by the beach

Brunch Elecktronik for day partying on Summer Sundays

Also, be sure to discover a rooftop where to escape the city buzz for a zen moment over the Barcelona roofs. Our’s we’ll aim to keep as a hidden pearl. 😉



Here’s another city for me that feels like home. You miss it while you’re away, but then again appreciate so much every time you have a chance to go. Until next time Barcelona, and thank you girls for a one-of-a-kind holiday 😉 ❤

Where Picasso used to paint

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IMG_0873 IMG_0881 IMG_0883  IMG_0891 IMG_3213 IMG_3214 IMG_3215 IMG_3217

Three visits it took for me to fall for this city. Previous trips had not left any special attachment in me and did not really get why so many claimed that “Barcelona is the best city in Europe”. Third visit did the trick; suddenly, it was worth all the appraisal.

Each city feels cozier when experienced like a local. Assi and I visited Satu, who was finalising her exchange semester. She lived in the most beautiful, lively and atmospheric area, El Gotic. Even Picasso himself got his inspiration to his most famous piece of art on Satu’s home street. 😉

Tapas and wine – oh so good. Vibes – great. My company – BEST. ❤