“We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong.”


Caution: This text is all about my love towards Finland, if you do not wish to know more then please skip this post. 😉  Though I wish everyone can feel similar pride about their country.


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These stunning photos are from wifey Satu’s instagram archives. Despite traveling around the world, she always sees the greatest beauty at home and knows how to capture it. 


For long, I had a attitude problem towards the Finnish language. So different from any other, isolating us from rest of Scandinavia and Western cultures, also making it more challenging for us to learn foreign languages and vice versa. Bla bla. Here, I have started to enjoy having our ‘secret’ language. Watching the reactions of others when I record and listen to whatsapp voice messages is amusing. PJ always told me that Finnish sounds like singing. Can’t be too bad then.  I also enjoy the fact that I can write notes to my notebook that no one here would understand. 😉

The world is so connected today. It feels like it becomes smaller and smaller the more you travel, meeting a total stranger and so often turning out that you know same people.  I personally think the six degrees of separation theory has become much less. Thus, belonging to such a small community, having our own unique language, space, ways of doing things and traits is really comforting. I wouldn’t change it for anything, to be a Finn, having a home base there. I love that we are only 6 million people. I never thought about it this way before moving abroad, but we are unique, exotic. Finland is a huge mystery to most people in the world, yet a fascinating one.


Our nationality is valuable in concrete terms as well. I have got this feeling endless amount of times during the past years, both at home and abroad. I will never forget how incredible amount of effort we had to do in order to obtain a chinese visa in Hong Kong for my friends from other countries, and how easily they gave me one. Just like that, without asking any further questions, just because I was a Finnish citizen. In these kinds of situations I realise how valuable my passport is. I aim to not become attached to possessions, and I can honestly say that I do consider my passport my most valuable belonging. It is my identity, and the stamps and visas only build up on this.

Even more have I learned to appreciate our country. Yes, it is cold and dark there for a slightly too long period. Thus I encourage everyone to travel. Last year, a four day escape to Barcelona just before Christmas made miracles for me, and the rest of Winter was easy to handle again. Time or money are no excuses, the employers will understand and even a destination like Barcelona is a totally different story regarding the amount of light and warmth.

But only thinking about the good sides makes me smile. Our nature is stunning, there’s no way around it. I’m sure everyone has their favourite places and activities. I personally find my mom’s hometown Punkaharju one of the most beautiful places in the world with its crystal water and narrow eskers. There our huge, international family will always reunite for summer celebrations. Levi will always have a special place in our family’s heart. Also thinking about flow festival, Hanko weekends and Tahko getaways make my heart beat faster. Helsinki is the dearest for me, I simply love exploring and wondering down my favourite streets. Cycling from Arkadiankatu to Mestaritalo in Punavuori every morning for months and seeing how the seasons change… Being in Cape Town now, unable to cycle anywhere but instead having to uber or drive everywhere, these rides have now become a great memory. I know how much I’ll appreciate my bike and being able to cycle across my home city again next Spring. It’s all about the little things.  And yet there is still so much too, at least for me. I am inspired by my sister and some friends who have packed their bags and traveled to North instead of always escaping to the South. Exploring Northern Finland, doing a Summer road trip and doing a proper summer weekend in Turku are high on my bucket list.

I can only speak for myself, but the more I travel, the more I learn to see the beauty of my own country. I could continue talking about this topic forever, but I’ll stop it here for now.

Wishing an inspiring and beautiful week for you ❤













Summer of Helsinki, Hanko & Copenhagen

Memories of last week are the kind I will cherish when away from home again. My thesis project has had to slightly step down in my list of priorities lately, as I want to spend my time left with the people I will most miss. We enjoyed a family dinner at Boat House on a flawless sunny night, being nourished by the food of course but also the sea breeze, sun bath and great company. For me, this was truly luxury. I’m also so happy for my sister who dropped big news; she has founded a company. I believe 100% in their business idea of utilizing wild Finnish herbs. They will produce three great products, for starters, and aim to democratise and spread the use of true Finnish superfood. You make me so proud sis ❤

IMG_0117_2 IMG_0087_2 IMG_0088_2

We started the weekend early and headed to Tammisaari with a great combo of peeps. We woke up the boat of its winter sleep and took it to Hanko. We enjoyed a meal cooked by the boys (points up guys), followed by a proper sauna session in the seaside sauna. I was the last girl standing which resulted in hearing real man sauna talk with the guys. Something I recommend every girl to experience 😉 Dipping several times to the sea was a cherry on top.

Hanko and Itämerenportti harbor truly is one of my favourite places in Finland to spend the summer. Hope I get to spend many more to come Summers here. Thank you skipper and crew for one of the best 24 hours this year! Skipper knows that I’ve already reserved a spot for next year(s) …


Beautiful Ekenäs harbour where our adventure took off …

IMG_0096_2 IMG_0092 IMG_0097_2IMG_0098_2 IMG_0099_2 IMG_0116_2

The next day, it was time for me to head back home to catch a flight to Copenhagen. We celebrated Jenna’s last single days as this beauty is getting married in two short weeks. The hens party was filled with laughter and happiness, and Jenna simply looked like a princess. So proud of you dear 


Kicking off hen party weekend with poached eggs and fruits at Granola

brunchcop IMG_0111

Beautiful bride-to-be buying groceries at Torvehallerna for a picnic lunch … Wifes need to know how to host parties, right 😉

IMG_0115 brunchcope IMG_0106

Jenna giving a public Soul Searching Session in Botanical Garden. She was simply amazing.


The glowing bride to be ❤

Cuddling with wifey

IMG_0108 IMG_0109 IMG_0110

Dinner of pure pleasure. Cocofo serves surprise four course menus prepared of local and organic ingredients. The mussel soup was simply to die for …


Fresh brunch at Raw42 before heading back home. The tapas plate is delicious with avocado filled cracker, raw lasagna and thai noodles. With green juice of course.


Love Joe and the Juice.


Back to training mode. My dancer’s pose work in progress 😉

This week I kicked off by moving out of my apartment. Luckily my wifey was there again for me, and I get to spend the last days with her. Yesterday it was time to hit our gym and bootcamp session again, after which I couldn’t resist training my dancer’s pose… Though this posture is never finished, I’m quite happy with how it looks like already!

Have a great week lovelies ❤