Skin was an issue for a long time for me. Like many others, I had the perfect skin all my teenage years, until the day I quit taking hormonal birth control. Since, I tried everything to from natural to not-so-natural medicine, studied nutrition and have gone through some fundamental lifestyle and diet changes (and suffered from some of them along the way) . Even though my skin has been much better for a while now, I still suffered of an infection at my chin. I know this kind of condition is a cause of something beneath the surface and in my case it was a sign of hormonal unbalance.

A major healing happened few weeks ago. I am lucky to work in a health food company with some nutrition experts. We got a speech on nutrition which basically had two main points – most of the conditions in our body are caused either by weak immunity system or unbalanced hormonal system, both of which I know to have problems with. Herbs and medicinal mushrooms have a bigger role in healing these condition than most of us are aware of. I promised to try our Princess blend, whose benefit is to support the hormonal system. Within a week, I noticed that the infection on my chin had healed itself and the excess oiliness I’ve been suffering of, is gone.  I’ve never seen effects of any individual product that clearly, which is why I want to share this. I would not write about anything  I didn’t believe myself in.

I was worried that living in a polluted city like Hong Kong would make my issues worse. Luckily, this has not been the case, but I can only imagine how it looked like if I could breathe the fresh air in Finland, eat all the wild berries and have my daily smoothies…Sounds like excuses but maintaining a balanced diet really feels hard at this point. You just got to do your best and enjoy all the adventures my lifestyle enables right now:). My skin (or hormonal system) is still not yet as its best, but so much better than in years.

Of course there are countless causations behind skin issues, but balancing hormonal system and strengthening immunity system are something to seriously give thought to.


Loving the slow fast food


Like with relationships, I easily develop a crush to restaurants and cafés, but not many steal my heart. Mana, however, has succeeded in making an impression on me on a fundamental base. And yes, I have no problem in comparing food discoveries to love life, that is how much I love discovering fresh food serving places. In this case, all organic. If I lived in the area, I would by no question enjoy 90% of my meals and desserts here as it now remains few times a week delight. They’ve got the things I crave from New York (and cannot be found elsewhere in Hong Kong): avocado, fresh hummus and kale. My new love is baba ghanoush, eggplant mash. Mmmmm.

Besides food, Mana has been one of the greatest sources of inspiration for me here. I love every visit, from lovely little conversations with the staff picking my salad ingredients to the experience of enjoying it at the little backyard patio. The decoration as well as menu could not match my taste and vision better.  I guess this is the reason why my mind and ideas start to flow here, making me want to come back over and over again. The desserts might not have the least impact either.

Truly inspiring.

HK food exploring – Dandy’s Organic Café

IMG_5434 IMG_5437

It is not my best kept secret that I love healthy food. After being a month (!) in Hong Kong now, I can say that I’ve made few discoveries for what it comes to restaurants. A lot more exploring needs to be done but I’m glad I have guidance and people with same mindset around me. I’m beyond happy of Emily appearing into my life, who has become a dear friend. Besides having the sweetest personality, she also happens to love everything related to nutrition, yoga and wellbeing. I’ve happily tried all her discoveries and we’re even planning on running a business together in the future, ha.

There is not too many organic and fresh serving food in this city, which is why we were really excited to discover Dandy’s organic cafe in Sheung Wan.  The owner, Australian Vivi, uses organic and local ingredients as much as possible, which can be seen in the quality of the food. . The menu has a wide range of choices to health conscious eaters. Today I had a lunch salad in this cute place, though I can’t wait to go back and try the juices and desserts… Such refreshing to have a fresh salad after all the rice&veggies or eggs/veggies that I’ve been eating here. I also LOVED the fact that I got soup of the day besides my salad for price of 9 HKD (less than 1€). The restaurant itself is cozy and personally decorated – one wall was covered with pictures of Vivi’s adventures. She has clearly put effort to the menu by carefully planning each dish to fulfill nutritional needs. Such an inspiring person!

Dandy’s Organic Café is located at 108 Jervois Street in Sheung Wan.